I never had the courage to say "I don't WANT to."

I know, I’m would be being an opposite defiant two year old. But I never got to say “I don’t want to”. The answer was always “You just want to get your own way.” But, right, I do. Alright, I need to back down and not be the star of the show, to share, and love others. All of these things I never felt the so called rewards of giving from. I just feel drained.


You don’t give because you feel that you have to give; you give because you want to give.

You have the right to say no, and if somebody doesn’t like it that’s their problem. Life is not a popularity contest.

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I used to be a big ‘yes’ person but when I learned to say ‘no’ to people I found my life got a lot better. I’ll still help people but I do it within reason and if I feel to be unjustly taken advantage of then I start saying No. Kinda hard and it sorta hurts but sometimes necessary.

i respect honesty.

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Dont be hard on yourself. Me, in my illness I became a person who says ‘‘no’’ to almost everything and believe me, its not nice for the people I love…


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