I never got into sex much because

there were so many issues that came first - everything from war to thumb sucking.

I will get into sex once I change some physical things mental things about me. And change my attitude towards my private part.

I think we both make a mistake here. The key is to accept ourselves. That is difficult for us.

Yeh… Accept my private part that is the attitude I need to get through counselling.

What was the issue with war and thumb sucking?

My Dad was German and turned against himself because of it. Mother would not allow any thumb sucking and I remember listening to the radio when I was 4 and they were suggesting kids should quit thumb sucking at that age. I was so conflicted because I thought it was never ok.

My mum turned against herself cos she is obese and other physical things. It’s really depressing to watch actually. Every day she is either eating, complaining or lying on the bed or sofa. It’s really depressing for me as I am already depressed enough. Just scares me.

Sorry to hear that about your parents.


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