I needa shower

But its so farrrrrr !

Maybe ill have an outside shower !!

Yes Im also going to take a shower…

You don’t have a shower in your house?

Lol the shower is literally across my room. I was just lazy at the time.

I have an outside shower though that kicks ass. I use it more !


Is that because you are an exhibitionist? :crazy_face:


I need a shower too but I just don’t want to.
■■■■ showers.

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Haha the trees are around the wooden outside shower. Some may peak. Good luck to them haha

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My grandmother used to have a shower in her basement. Usually she’s let my sis, cousin and I bathe upstairs in her bathtub. But once in a while she’s make us shower in the basement. I always hated those days bc that’s when maw maw would wash our hair for us. She scrubbed our heads so hard I think she’d always take scalp away as well as dirt. Scary times.

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