I need your advice on humilation

Is humiliation fun? Can humiliation be possible when someone are aware that they will be humiliated? If humiliation possible then why is the death with ‘dignity’ mentioned? I unconsciously humiliated myself front of my family and others. Now they expect me to be humiliated all the time or they wont give me anything even safety if i don’t humiliate myself. Maybe I humiliated myself by abusing them? I don’t want to get angry as angry would mean i lose by humiliating once again. And that will land me somewhere no fun and maybe in a cage with hyenas (jail/hospital).

I didn’t get your post. What do you mean by humiliating yourself?

What did you do in front of your family? Are they mad at you?

I shouted loudly non stop for like more than a year towards a member of my family. I got kicked out but because i was a juvenile i got housing. I’m back in the house again but with restrictions.

Are you glad to be back in the house?

It is NEVER ok to give people abuse @Abu_man

@anon98459728 I think he is aware of that. The problem here seems to be the way his family is treating him now that he’s back.

@Abu_man Can you try talking to them to reconcile with them? Maybe they still have hurt feelings and aren’t aware that you did what you did because you were ill.

I am kind of shy to ask for what i want in life

I’m thinking more that you talk with them about what you did and why, and ask for their forgiveness, so you can all move on and treat each other well from now on.

What if i humiliate myself by apologizing? I’m not 100% sure what i did wrong or if i got kicked out for no reason at all. Maybe they are evil or kicked me out becuase they made a mistake as human.

It’s possible that they made a mistake. It’s also possible that you made a mistake. I really don’t think they’re evil or that they want to hurt you for no reason. I think that’s your paranoia talking. I also think you need to talk this over with someone. Maybe your family, or maybe a doctor, nurse, therapist or friend.

Talking to you :slight_smile:

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