I need y'alls advice


I have been off medication for almost 2 years now. I struggle with anxiety and paranoia. I have daily back pain as well. This causes me to be tense and act bitter at times.

Anyways a close friend gave me a klonopin today. It was like magic the electric burning feeling in my head went away anand my body was able to relax with no fear of something going hay wire within myself.

I talked about the back pain which was caused by numerous injuries and they happened to have a very small dilaudid (2mg) they gave me. Within 15 minutes the pain and tension in my back resided. I was able to be extremely productive and mindful the whole day.

The last pdoc I went to wanted to put me on everything but what i needed. He took me off my valium and tried to make me take trazodone, an SSRI,and also a bipolar med.
His reasoning was that benzos are addictive. But I find it odd ththaththat they wouldnt mind prescribing me these other meds tilthe day I die.

My question is,how should I go about getting prescribed meds that i know help me without a doubt. The only addiction I have is tobacco. I could understand the problem with the pain meds but the benzo should not be an issue. Just the stuff I’ve suffered through should be enough of a reason to atleast have a new doctor try it. But also knowing how effective it is for me totally brings my gears.


Get a doctor who’ll listen. Yeah benzo’s are addictive and can cause problems but if they take care of things it’s probably not a bad thing in the scheme of it all.

I’d recommend a decent psychdoc but depends on your medical system.


Benzos are also a controlled substance. They’re addictive and will eventually stop working, making you need more and more to get the same effect.

You sound like you’re drug seeking. Not wanting to be in meds except controlled substances.

I mean, I get it. Trust me. I get it. But going into a doctor’s office with that attitude is going to get you nowhere fast.


I know where you’re coming from with that.

But trust me I’ve been on every med prescribed from antipsychotics,antidepressants, bipolar meds, sleep meds,etc… the only thing that gets me where I need to be to be functioning and productive is benzos.


Well, then go to the doctor. Find one willing to prescribe them.


Thanks for the critical advice. I know how doctors minds work and the buttons they push. In my area pills heads would cut their limbs off to get high. I’m just trying to better myself and live a life worth living.