I need to take the it's all going to be OK mindset

I need to believe its all going to be OK for me

Otherwise I can’t enjoy myself

But sometimes it is hard to be convinced that it’s all going to be OK for me.

How to believe that it’s all going to be OK for me?

What makes it easier to believe all will be well


well for one thing you are about to get $1,400 !! it WILL be ok…

Lol not in the UK I won’t… But I’m happy for you that is a tonne of money!

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oh darnit…I am sorry…well it will be better soon…it always gets better…you just have to be patient !!

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Are you feeling to anxious? What is the worst that can happen unless it’s too personal?

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I have pulsatile tinnitus which can be due to narrowing of my blood vessels in my brain or other serious things. Worried about stroke.
At worst.
It can also be a benign cause.though.

But I’m hoping that a CT scan will give some answers at the end of March :slight_smile:

And I’m hoping it’s significantly reversible or treatable. If serious.

Have lots of family history of stroke you see.

You have to keep going in a way that minimises stress.

There are so many things that could happen - you’d have kittens if you let it all into your psyche

I actively try to make sure that any stressors are kept to absolute zero if I can

Some things are out of your control of course, but your suggestion here will probably clear 90% of your worries if you ruminate a lot.


Its ok not to believe it.

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Oh I hope you are getting proper care and results come back positive and they treat it. That is scary. I understand the anxiety. Hard not to but I hope you don’t worry yourself senseless. Easier said than done.

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Thanks Kxev :hugs:

Yes I will just try to focus on other things and believe that things will be OK.

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That’s true Dunno…

Even if they won’t be :joy:

There is some power to positive thinking. Try to do something you enjoy if you can. :hugs:

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I might start playing my keyboard. It is gathering dust. :slight_smile:

My friend they are SO GOOD at doing what they love even when they have exceptionally difficult circumstances. It really inspires me to try out new hobbies :slight_smile:

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Everything isn’t going to be ok all the time.
I think maybe it’d be easier to try and work on being ok with things sometimes not being ok.


That’s true…


I like to just believe everything will be OK as In regards to seriously serious crap not happening. It just makes me feel better…

And IF serious crappy things do happen, that I can hopefully adapt.



I agree I think there’s power in positive thinking, not sure how much but still even some is better than none.

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