I need to stretch my believer

My provider’s granddaughter is 4 and so beautiful. I found, by talking to her, that I have trouble believing she’ll believe what I say. It’s frustrating. My mind had closed the book about children.


I don’t know much about 4 year old’s but I think it is a pretty… not sure of the word… They believe in magical thinking, so they will believe what you tell them because you are an adult who knows things. Their minds are little sponges absorbing everything.

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4’s a good age on kids as old enough to talk and go to the bathroom etc on their own (well mostly lol). So full of unconditional love at that age still also. Just enjoy the moments as the little things like time with her and children in general are so precious. Children have so much to teach us as there is still magic in everyday life that we just take for granted. She might also help you overcome some of your childhood issues as well. Indirectly of course.

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