I need to save at minimum $100 a month

Quitting smoking should give me at least that. I need to save another $800 so I have enough for my dental work and for new glasses. I’ll just get my glasses off of zenni optical.
I’m hoping my car stays healthy!


Oh do I hear that! I need full dentures due to bad genetics, been needing them since my 20’s. They want 6k upfront at the dentist, with dental insurance. So yeah, not happening. We had to pay 960 to fix my van cause someone hit me in the parking g lit at Walmart and ditched, messed up my swing bar which went into my tire. That was a mess, on the way to ER for my son cause we thought he broke his ankle, sat on busy street with a cop waiting for a tow for 2 hours, then progressive app wouldn’t work so I had to use the grocery money and hubby gas money for work to pay for tow 211 bucks, still waiting now 4 weeks later for reimbursement. It is a 2005 town and country, but not even 100,000 miles so it’s banged up, but running good otherwise.

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not kidding, buy a pig safe
once i saved 1000$
like that.
i put only every 10$ i had
but you can loock all the 100$ in once

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