I need to replace a toxic hobby of mine with something else, any ideas?

I hate rap, just makes me angry and continue the bs loop. I view making rap as I see hard drugs -evil.

What should I replace it with? (preferably relatively cheap, indoors, hands on, and limited space).

If you can, exercising and dieting.
If not, video games, Netflix, Spotify, tech news/forums and memes. I like building PCs. I built some for my mother’s office.


Play a musical instrument! And if you can´t stand rap go for its father and grandfather, funk and jazz!


Programming seems ideal. Maybe game programming.

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I find that hard. You need to read lots of lengthy programming books. My brother, no illness, is an IT and I find his job hard.

If you’re on disability and have all kinds of free time, you can do it slowly. Just have to push yourself.

There are text and picture options or videos, whichever you’re most comfortable with.

I hate videos, TBH. Too much hallucination potential.


tropical house or sinatra

Music production. EDM.

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Art (drawing, painting, etc.)

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