I need to quit drinking, any tips/advice?

I went out drinking last night. My problem is I dont know how to stop or how to drink casually. I binge drink.

The first bar I went to last night, I had 6 shots of tequila then the bartender cut me off. I payed and called an uber to bring me… not home, to another bar.

At next bar I had more shots of liqour, but then something embarassing happend… i ended up puking inside the bar. The bartender saw me puke and cut me off.

Then, to end my night, I went to one final bar. This time I had beer instead of liqour. It didnt sit well in my stomach and I ended up puking AGAIN when I was outside having a ciggarette. I finally called it a night after 2 pukes and 3 bars.

Another negative thing is I only smoke cigarrettes when im drunk. I have asthma so I shouldnt be smoking, at all.

My mom has told me multiple times that my drinking upsets her. She thinks I have a problem with alcohol and I think she might be right.

Anyone have any tips/advice on how to quit drinking? It will help my wallet and my health

Please keep this thread recovery based.



I’m an alcoholic, coming up to 9 years sober.

My advice is that you can’t beat alcohol on your own.


Congrats on being sober for so long!


I quit drinking too. I was driving after I drank and was pulled over by a sheriff because he saw me swerve. He just lectured me about being out in the pandemic not getting necessities. It scared me so bad I never drank again. That was May 2020. I wasn’t able to quit before then. I got scared out of drinking.

Sorry I don’t have tips or advice.


What he said. 30 years sober and counting in my case. I did it by attending AA. I still go, but these days it’s a case of me being there for the next person to come in like someone was there for me when I came in. Need to pay it forward.


Congrats on almost 3 years sober!


I also do this when I need to be social. I have so much anxiety so I binge drink. It makes me function like a normal person for a while.


That’s a very respectable thing to do.


Well what are your reasons for going to the bar? To drink or to socialize?
Maybe have a non alcoholic drink instead. They have non alcoholic beers and can make non alcoholic drinks at the bar too.
Water and a lime in a short highball glass looks like your drinking a vodka slime if that makes you feel more comfortable lol

  1. Motivation and , inspiration (from internet for example)
  2. Alcoholfree drinks
  3. Work on yourself
    4.it gets easier with time

I admit to some self-interest. AAs believe the best way to keep sober is to give away one’s sobriety.


I have trouble limiting myself, too. I recently quit drinking, on December 4th. So, last time I drank was December 3rd.

It helps to have someone to support you and talk you out of drinking alcohol when you are wanting to drink. Do you have a friend with you, when you go to the bars? It’d be best to avoid bars in the first place, but if you’re hanging with friends, tell them that you 100% can’t drink and ask for them to help enforce that rule.

Also, having a fun nonalcoholic drink, while others have alcohol, can help you still feel included. At least, that’s how it is for me. Like, pick something you really like. I like coconut water, Gatorade Zero, sugar free sodas, tea, and stuff like that.

Good luck. :blush:


I’m 73 years old. I haven’t had a drink since I was 24. I only regret that I didn’t stop earlier.


I used to be a binge drinker and got in to lots of trouble.

Once I started drinking I wouldn’t stop.

After I had cancer I stopped drinking alcohol and didn’t have a drop for five years.

Then I had another binge vomiting on my x boyfriend brand new kitchen.

I thought if I keep drinking he may break up with me so I quit alcohol again and didn’t drink another drop for three years.

Then I had a beer and was able to just have that one beer.

Lately I’ve been having three drinks a day when I drink but not daily.
I get tipsy sometimes but not drunk like I used to.

I might quit cold turkey again and not have a drop.

Atleast I haven’t binged for a long time.

My x boyfriend and I binged together one night and he thought I was great fun when I was so drunk.

Hopefully no more binging for me.

If you can’t control it maybe it’s better to stop all together.

Find another nice drink to havd like a mock tail or soft drink.


I started drinking at 13 years old. Before that my dad would give me a sip off his beer when we’d go fishing sometimes. I had the thirst for alcohol young and i drank heavily for over twenty years until I didn’t want to do it anymore, and slowly weened myself off of it. It was a battle but once I got ahold of my addiction and took it seriously, well, now I can pour a drink for someone else and not even want a sip off it.


In bars, I get a root beer. I have the type of personality that, if I drank, I’d be an alcoholic in a week. No more addictions for me. I had enough trouble with cigarettes. Thank G. that’s over. Good luck to you, @TheCanuk


I would like to second @everhopeful and @velociraptor both.

Find a home group with people and a program.

Even if it’s just to check it out. A few AA meetings may point you in the right direction. Maybe rehab is in order.

I couldn’t have done it alone. While not a huge follower of the AA system, it has a lot of my respect for helping so many others.

There are other programs too. Life ring, narcotics anonymous. What worked for me was a 12 week inpatient programs, and the alumni meetings for years afterwords.

It’s not easy. I’m wishing you strength and good health.


Worth noting that you don’t have to be religious or even spiritual to work the Steps. To me GOD = Group Of Drunks. I can’t pull a car up a hill by myself, but with 20 of us on the rope we can together.


I don’t binge drink, i’m more of a daily user, about 8-10 units a day spread from morning till night.

My solution is not very good, i accept i can’t stop drinking on my own so i’m going to my rehab center where they give me disulfiram (antabuse) two times a week. If i drink on antabuse, i get sick, so i don’t drink in the periods where im on antabuse.

It’s far better if you are able to stop drinking without antabuse

Good luck with finding a method that suits you


Have you considered going to rehab?

That sounds dramatic,

But they’ll give you medicine to keep you from abusing alcohol and you’ll learn some coping skills.

I agree with the others that it’s best to seek help in some sort of community.