I need to move beyond it all

i’ve been abused badly (not by family). as a baby i was abused by this family that never in my life so far have totally let up.

they nearly killed me more than once.

now i cannot stop thinking about it.


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I was sexually abused as a young teen like between 9 and 11. Can’t remember anymore my age exactly. I think every now and then about it. And I get intrusive thoughts and delusions because of it.

Just do something as physical as you manage. If you get too self absorbed you start dwelling on bad ■■■■ automatically.

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i am sorry to learn you’ve been abused too.

what they did to me is too gory to describe anywhere.

i wanna forget, yet i need to remember. it is a wierd both by me.

by the way outside of my family nobody gave a ____.


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