I need to lose belly fat now

so here i’m need help anyone


Mmmm there’s a million different ways.

Exercise is basically find what works for you, be consistent. Stay moving.

I personally like pushups. Dumbbells occasionally 15 pounds, not too heavy. Calisthenics (ab workouts cardio) for the cardio it’s like jump rope, jumping jacks, lots more.

The idea of jump rope and others is that it’s higher intensity. You can get same results from jumping rope as you would running in like a quarter of the time.

Lately as I’ve lost more weight, easier to do new things. I like yard work now. Raking, chopping wood, etc.

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Ask your doctor for Saxenda. Miracle med for weight loss.

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Medications for weight loss is a last resort I think personally. Most of them are off label, only for diabetics who are in that boat because they neglect physical activity in the first place… I think anyways.

Even though my sister and cousin take or have taken ozempic and gotten great results.

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This is a last resort and I wish it had been the first resort. It’s amazing to have a normal appetite where I can eat a reasonable amount and stop. To not always be starving and craving large portions and non-stop snacks. I am just shy of 50 lbs gone and I am feeling great. Everyone should be allowed the choice to lose weight easily without suffering constant hunger.

I am taking Saxenda which is prescribed for weight loss. It is not off-label. Maybe pay attention to what people have posted previously before lecturing them.

I mean you are lecturing me right now, yeah I’ve not really been active on site reading about weight loss medications my bad.

I am very tired of “YOU SHOULDN’T BE TAKING THAT” whenever I mention a legitimately prescribed medication.

My bad d00d. I just said in the same post they did work for my relatives, I just have a personal preference.

And I like exercise sorry >.>

If that works for you that’s great though.

I like exercise, too. I wish my heart worked well enough to let me do an amount that would help.


So judgy man. @shutterbug gets more exercise than anyone I know, despite his heart problems. I think it’s better to assume people are doing their best, especially when you don’t know them at all. I’m a diabetic too, type 1 now. No matter how physically healthy I am, I’ll always need insulin.

My stomach sticks out waaaaaay past my boobs.:crazy_face::joy:
Not a good look on me but is as is.
I gained fifteen kg last year I think .something like that.

Cut out sugar and reduce carbs. Don’t drink your calories. People underestimate the amount of sugar in drinks.


Me too. I’ve just been sitting indoors, going to the shops and eating and drinking. Zero exercise and now I have a great big fat belly. Darn.