I need to get my crap together

I had so many hopes that moving would spark something in me. I want to have some kind of schedule but it just isn’t happening. I still have no motivation. I’m at a loss as to what would work.


I know how it feels to have 0 motivation, I feel like a loser compared to my brothers as I stay in bed 80-90% of my time. One of my brothers even calls me a loser.

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Join the club :frowning:

But I will say getting started is the hardest thing. Once you start it seems easier to continue.


I am sorry your brother calls you that. You don’t deserve it. :monkey::monkey::monkey:


He doesen’t know how powerful the medication is. If he tried it himself he would get a idea about what you are dealing with.


Maybe try just having a few goals for the day and never mind when you do it. Like a super-flexible 24 hour schedule.

For instance I usually go for a walk every day, but I don’t have fixed times. I just go when I’m available and feel it’s a good time. I may have to push myself a little if it’s raining or such, but I usually get it done.

The freedom of doing it whenever is liberating for me, and if I do miss a day here and there I don’t beat myself up about it.

I would agree with that in a lot of cases.

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