I need to delete hundreds of emails but think I shouldn't


This blasted day and age. I have several hundred emails from my grandpa who died a year ago this past month. I might be ready to delete them, I should be grateful to gmail that I still have them. Most of them are jokes I thought I’d read some day and laugh with fond memories of getting them. Wrong. I miss my grandpa. And my grandma too. I don’t care if that sounds childish. Wish I had memories of visiting or real letters or something else these days but it is what it is. You all have hundreds of emails too?? desimb



It doesn’t sound childish. I only ever really knew one grandparent and she died 33 years ago. The others- one i never met, one died when i was 2 and the other when i was 5.



You could download them, zip them up, and archive them for a time when you want them.

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Save them, most certainly save them.