I need someone to talk to

Ive had a really bad day today, worst in awhile… I went to group therapy and i was the only one there… So i was waiting for the therapist and it felt like everyone in there was trying to push my symptoms so they could decide what was wrong… The people were all talking bout me and i was seeing shapes and shadows and design in the carpet… Than in the therapist, it’s hard to explain, he changed into one of the voices sorta and it felt like everything was silent and i was, guess id describe it, dead or something… Like he was the only one and it happpend twice during the session… Later when at home my bf was playing video games while i was in the room and he sounded like a voice talking to me even though i think it was his game…

Guess thats really what i wanted to say cause its hard to talk about but i needed to get it out before i became obsessive and fully loss sight of my reality


I hope you have been honest with your pdoc about your symptoms? I’m sorry you aren’t well.

Sorry you’re having a hard time @Itsme. Hope things start to improve for you soon.

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