I need somebody to talk to right now

I need somebody to talk to to get my mind off of…something


What’s the matter?

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A lot of things

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I’m around. You can PM or talk here.


I’m awake all night.

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I’ve been feeling really helpless lately and I have tons of negative emotions roiling around inside of me

it must feel awful, doesn’t it. if you can, try walking around or being physically active and maybe your mind and heart will calm down.

these forums can be really helpful. stick around, it should help.


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Hope you are feeling better now, sleep usually helps turn off nasty thought for me

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Like 24hrs since you posted. How are you feeling now?

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I hope you are feeling better.


Hey, I hope you are feeling better. Negative feelings are common and just remember you are not alone.

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@Dreamscape2 A little better sorry that this took so long I actually ended up at the hospital for a bit. Learned a whole bunch of DBT skills that I can use though so that’s good.

@Anonaccount and @cbbrown I am feeling a little better


I’m so glad to hear it. God bless.

Glad your all right also got some help and seems it is helping. DBT is one of the therapies I’d like to learn more of not sure I’d get much from the therapy. I’d like to learn and practice the actual therapy.

ChildOfFate, could you share some of those skills if you have the time/energy? That could be really helpful for me and others. If you can’t be arsed just ignore me lol