I need some time alone

I sat and felt a little upset with myself. I had nothing I wanted to do and I had very few interests. I have a few friends and I was not interested in doing anything with them. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me.
I realized I do not want to fill all of my time with “things-to-do.” I needed time to myself to think things through. You see, I am somewhat introverted. That is the way I am. I need a few hours sometimes to sit and think, to myself. I need the time. Then I can learn to cope with my life in general.
I still have a problem with activities and plans, but I have reached a new understanding. I will work on this further.


@Here4You, if you want Im always here too. You can PM me any time you need a friend…


That is very nice, Zoa. I will keep your offer in mind in the future. I have had problems for many years and I keep thinking I am finally getting better. This morning waking up was easier than it has been for a long time. I guess you see I have some distress.


I’m glad you woke up fine in morning.I am a bit better with every year passing, and with prayers get my life easier.Address me any time.

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