I need plans to be set in stone

Are any of you like this? I absolutely HATE it when people can’t confirm, change times, or the days plan is unknown. It makes me so anxious and frustrated, but I don’t know how to stop? Is this common with Sz/Sza?

My girlfriend never asks her parents way in advance if we can go out and its really getting on my nerves, because I get super duper anxious that they’ll say no, especially when its last minute like this, and I’ve been waiting ALL week.

It literally makes me start to hyperventilate I don’t know why I hate it so much

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i also dislike last minute stuff, but that’s life…

I’m this way too. I never thought of it being related to the sz directly. I always thought that it was because I feel I have no control over my life and so when people change things on me, that feeling gets worse. But it could be part of the sz. You’ve given me something to think about.

Would your girlfriend be receptive to you rationally and calmly explaining how you feel? Is that a possiblity so maybe she can understand better?

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Yeah it’s nice to have closure. Most people do not like to be left hanging

I kind of like things that are predictable if that’s what you mean.

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Interesting read to do with autism .


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I like other people to be predictable but myself to be flexible. That’s an ideal world of course.

I know! It’s so annoying. I like to have everything confirmed, planned out as well.

I hate to have plans…

Ive tried talking to my girlfriend about it but it always ends up with her becoming really upset and saying she’s a bad girlfriend. I just hate it when she says she’s coming at 2pm, I get super excited, then she has to change it to 3, and then 330…

I understand, Im like that too. I have agoraphobia so it’s hard for me to make plans at all. The slightest change freaks me out. I used to be really free wheeling until this illness happened.

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