I need it, unapologetic

I need my sacraments. once or twice a week. my life is boring without it, maybe ill die a couple years early but my life will be fulfilling while I’m here

what am I supposed to do without it? watch tv all the time?


@Lifer, What do you mean by sacraments? I only know it in it’s religious meaning.

well i hope you dont die too early but i have communion every week and i’m supposed to be getting baptised soon too :slight_smile:

The notion that we must live as monks and thus live a long life, often forgets fulfillment.

Can you imagine living a long life to find that you end up sitting in a chair being fed cups of tea and pills in a cup in a nursing home to sustain it? The family living their lives oblivious to you, maybe a visit every few months…

Enjoy it, the moment that is.

I need to be baptized.

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On the other hand…

If the sacrament controls your life. if your life revolves around the sacrament, then is that a life? Is it not just existing under the influence?

Now there are many reasons to live under the influence, mostly trauma; and if you don’t confront it, deal with it and live with it then the sacrament will control you. These are reasons to take control and live an authentic life without it.

The balance is the key. Neither without or fully. To have a fulfilling life using the sacrament but as a bonus rather than the norm.

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