I need input

Hi again all!

It’s been forever since I’ve been on here. I need some help. I’m making a symptoms sheet.

Basically, I’m trying to collect symptoms of schizophrenia that all doctors might not be aware of. I know I sometimes have trouble communicating my symptoms. I had one thing going on that one doctor didn’t understand. He was very well qualified. I am going to a different provider now and he knew exactly what I was talking about.

My theory is that if we have standard terms to use for more symptoms it might help people get help easier because we would all have a reference point.

I think that if it was a searchable database that could be added to like Wikipedia we could look up what’s going on and be able to tell our doctors what we need.

Here are some of mine. If you could all try to help me find terms for them as well as share yours I would be forever grateful.

  • deadhead. I feel brain dead. Like someone just cut it off at my brain stem. I can feel my brain but I can’t have any thoughts.

-underwater world. I feel like water is enveloping my head. No panic. Just filling every orifice on my heard.

Those sound like the negative symptoms.

Paranoia… feeling like someone is watching or following you, or out to get you.

Delusions… thinking that does not hold true for anyone except the sz.

Hallucinations… experiencing any type of imaginary feeling that no one else feels.

Negative symptoms… basically, lack of motivation to do self care, positive things for oneself, due to not being able, mentally, to do things.

Goto Google and search for schizophrenia symptoms in layman’s terms.

I hope this is as clear as mud lol

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