I need idea to get rid of social anxiety

i don’t have schizophrenia now but i have social anxiety nowadays so how to get rid of it

Try some ssris …

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I have the solution for you!

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my problerm is like i like to stick in my home but its hard to go outside i feel home sick actually
but when i get out of my house its fine its the right problerm between me just pushing myself out if im outside its just fine thats it

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So, your problem is more getting out of your home instead of talking to people, right? Maybe you can try making up excuses to get out of your house. Join a club, go for a walk, buy anything you want (a chocolate bar for example), learn a new language, go to cinema, go to theater, go to the beach (if it’s your case), meditate in nature, etc.

I’m most at home due to a sciatica and it sucks. If you’re physically healthy, enjoy your health and go out.


Ssri’s can help with feeling anxious.
If you feel anxious when outside, you could have agoraphobia as well.

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Dude, if you don’t suffer from psychosis/schizophrenia then you have enough possibilities to get rid of it. Just expose yourself. The chance you become crazy is very little. It will automatically become less.

If you go a lot among people. Then you will automatically get rid of your fear. Go talk to stranger. Go to the gym or find another job.

If the social anxiety has a neurotic character then you can always use antidepressants or
temporarily benzo’s.


If SSRIs don’t work, try an SNRI. Both can be good for social problems.


I don’t go out either.

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I tried antidepressants for social anxiety before, but nothing is better than real experience. Just my opinion. Maybe there are some hardcase people who need medicines, I don’t know. I still think medicines won’t do any miracle. One need to go out and meet new people.


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