I need help please

I have someone in my body making me feel terrible. I don’t know how she is able to hurt me without physically doing it. She is a distance away. She was shrinking my body this morning even though she knew she was hurting me. She has also touched my eyes so much the nerves feel numb and also my nose and mouth. I need protection from her. She thinks she can do anything to me. I don’t know what to do please help.

Please help I am pretty serious, can she do this with magnets?

I think the only one who can help is your doctor. :frowning:

Is there any reason you can’t increase the dose of your meds?

She is not real. She is not hurting you. Your illness may be telling you she is. You may be feeling sensations in your body that are telling you she is hurting you. But it is not really happening.

  1. How long has it been going on?
  2. When can you talk with your doctor again?

This seems to me to represent an altered reality. Can you imagine some other explanation, like a symptom of the disease we all suffer from on this community? I understand how real it must seem to you. The perception of another spirit inside of you might lessen with improvement of the disease. And I believe that what works best is following a steady course of anti-psychotic medication. I hope it gets better quickly.


Thanks @Here4You. The person effects me spiritually too or uses magnets I don’t know how. My dad says to yell and swear at them. I am overhearing a lot of what they are saying I don’t know why they are trying to hurt me.

I’m sorry you are feeling this way.

I used to yell and swear at them to leave and slap my face to make them leave but it did not help.

It got better with time.

I agree you should tell your Dr.

I don’t think yelling and swearing helps .

Hope you are feeling better.

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Medicine can take the edge off. I really don’t know any home remedies that do anything close to what medicine can do. I’ve taken advice from family on the voices, and I try the suggestions, but the voice just keeps hurting me. When I tell it something, it will ask “why?” and then I respond and it says “why is it that” over and over until I just want to scream. Then it tells me to do awful things and I tell it to go die. It pretends to wail in pain then repeats the commands. This can go on for an hour.

It’s not a real person, I know that. Doesn’t make me want to throttle it any less. Zyprexa stops it most days but I’ve had to double my dose since starting it to keep it effective. If it weren’t for the medicine I’d be living in hell instead of just visiting now and then.

I wish you the best! Sorry to talk about myself but I thought you might find it useful. I really hope you get some relief, I’d talk to a psychiatrist and maybe find a family member who is safe to confide in with regards to these issues. I mention them to my mom so the pain doesn’t feel so private.

Hmmm well i would talk to her see why she might be reacting that way and see if there’s a way to calm her down. Try a little exercise too

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