I need help for my tagline?

As some of you know, English is not my mother tongue, and i have been thinking about a tagline to make people aware that there is a reason if i screw up semantic, grammatical, and syntactic.

I thought about this tagline: “Pardon my english, im danish.”

Is that a correct way to phrase it or is there a better way?

Anyway I really like that you never judge if someone spells wrong or makes grammatical mistakes on this forum. Thanks.


That sounds ok to me mate. Altho ive never had a problem reading your posts.



Looks proper to me.

Your English is very good. Better than some Americans I know.


That’s good. But I think you need a few capital letters.

Pardon my English, I’m Danish.”

But your English is great, so don’t worry!


Thanks a lot @Naarai @Ooorgle @everhopeful

Now i just need a moderator @rogueone :

I would like to have a tagline "Pardon my English, im Danish)


Many native English speakers have horrible grammar and spelling. Wouldn’t worry about it. I never had a problem understanding your posts.


Be prepared to offer three kitty or doggy pictures as payment.

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I got it…yeah, don’t forget the dog or cat pics :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Pretty fly for a blue guy”

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okay @ThePickinSkunk and @Bowens

This is not a kitty or a dog, but come on, this has to be the cutest animal on earth, a Wombat



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