I need help but pls understand me also...:)

i don’t know what to do anymore…I am not on my meds since one month…and I have horrible headaches…I am obsessed with the thought that ill never get better… the other thing is that I cant think-is this a dementia(my head hurts so much that I want to scream)>…
but pls believe me, the meds never helped me… Ive always took them,ive tried to be rebel, to be not rebel,i tried tostruggle but nothing helped… in fact, the neuroleptics always agitated me…I was to a point to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes per day…I couldn’t watch tv,read, think,feel…I haid feelings in fact but there was just the pain…emotional,almost physical…I don’t wanna aggress and bless anyone anymore…Ive made it in the past,its not my thing anymore… but my head hurts so much,the feeling is that my thoughts are shuted up,my brain is on mess… what to do??? ill try to see my doc,yes… but I amalmost sure that the med never helped me,even worse,they made me sicker… probably try an antidepressant? why do I have this headaches and this incapacity to think? I cant feel love anymore,it makes me really really sad. I cry because of this…

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sorry you are hurting Anna10… :sunflower:
it is a good idea to see your doctor about the headaches :heart:
take care :alien:

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sb hates u.that is all
stay with ur parents tell them u lovethem
becareful if voice
came back.u can control it

what is sb, yuying? hah…
ill call my doc tomorrow,ok darksith,i ll tell her this time what I feel on neuroleptics…probably switch to a small dose of another,will see,yes… but I am a wreck right now…

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i’m sorry your head hurts, what meds have you tried? please don’t give up, I know mental illness stinks but don’t let it win.

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I’ve already told you how much I relate to your threads.

“I’ve been to hell and back so many times it kind of bores me” -Ray Lamontagne (Actually it scares the hell out of me to even think back on it. But really that’s where I am, every day, though most are uneventful is still, even sane, unbearable. Yet I’ve been through so much horror that I’m generally able to keep my cool.

The one drug that did seem to help (abilify) they won’t give me anymore because it “doesn’t work anymore” Why don’t we try it again, I was stable for a few years on it, “nope, doesn’t work anymore”

I respect your decision to give a go without the meds.

thank you guys :smile:
cbbrown, I tried almost everything- abilify,solian,invega,zyprexa,seroquel,haldol,clozapine,fluanxol,geodon,lots of ads etc etc…
but yesterday I was agitated and panicked… I couldn’t stop thinking that ill wont get through this…I couldn’t stay calm,sit calm or lay calm…my head was hurting a lot and it felt like I was a mess… I cant think in fact…its just only the pain. could it be the withdrawal? this agitation could it be the withdrawal also?
but when I am on zyprexa, I stop watching tv,reading books,it just doesn’t interest me,i cant live without doing nothing… what a hell,yes…

What are your diagnoses @Anna10?

I had once borderline and my ex pdoc said that I am paranoid schizophrenic. but I don’t have hallucinations neither delusions… I am just scared of lot of things,of the others,i cant think and my head hurts a lot. no energy also and I cant feel love anymore…I have problems with my emotions…

Could there be a physical explanation for what you are experiencing? Or possibly are you just going through withdrawal?

I think its the illness or a withdrawal… the agitation could be only psychical, I am anguished and panicked…I don’t think its physical :(… and for the others, I am afraid to be rejected because I am schizophrenic, I have the impression that the others can see it and I am afraid of the madness in general in fact( I have problems communicating with other ill people in fact)…

When I stopped taking Invega Sustenna I had about two very difficult months. I couldn’t sleep for an entire week near the second month. Slowly I managed to recover by eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the right times everyday and forcing myself to sleep by laying down and closing my eyes until I was able to. I wasn’t able to feel normal until about 90 days after stopping. It was difficult to hear any type of noise. Watching television was difficult, reading the newspaper seemingly helped, but having a conversation was difficult. I managed to live a year without being on meds. Also I moved out, and am currently enrolled in college. I got over my paranoia while being in crowded places. Still though, I will be back on medication for a few months because I need my driver’s license. My advice is Anna10, it isn’t easy and it takes support to get off of meds, however I can’t quite tell you to stay off them. If you feel you are a danger to yourself or others, then try to get yourself some help before anything bad occurs. There is no shame in taking medication when you have schizophrenia. If you feel you can still manage, then speaking from experience, stay off of all mind altering chemicals. When I was doing very well, I was not smoking at all, not drinking soda or alcoholic beverages, and maintaining a proportionate meal while exercising daily. Also try to keep yourself occupied and not thinking too much about things that are out of your control. I’m not a trained mental health professional but from experience, there is a strong withdrawal when coming off of psyche meds. It is like all the symptoms coming on at once. It took me about 3 months to get back to a more normal state of mind. Good luck, but don’t forget, do not shame yourself for taking meds.

I didn’t mean to offend you, I was just curious. I’ve been on quite a bit of meds and I got a cocktail that is almost perfect except I still hear voices and see things especially at night. I hope you get the help you deserve and need. Have you tried going to a family doctor?