I need anger management

I hate someone more than anything on the planet. Its like a new persona. I never used to hate that person but now it’s like I see how evil we both were and I can’t forgive. I’m fully in a state of hatred i hate that this person had come back into my life and my relationship with my bf got fd up bc I allowed him back… I hd to get pregnant bc after asshilr camr back I didn’t want to lose my be my family and now regret it… Terribly. I hate him so much for it. I despise him.

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Are you pregnant now?

I hope there is a back door to get out of this. How would you move forward?

you are acting out on sheer instinct, no worries.

I hope if you’re not on meds you can go thru with pregnancy.

Even a bad man is no reason to lose anything, unless, you can’t see yourself with a baby.

I wish you well. It sounds very hostile to you, and I hope you gain in your determination.

I bet she never responds to you peeps

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Eat humble pie.

That’s what I was told when I was angry the other day.

It kinda worked and I eat humble pie when I deal with mental health team.

If your pregnant are you gonna keep it?
Know its sounds hard - but try and let your anger go.
It will only eat you up inside and probably affect your mental health wellbeing.

Write your feelings down on paper - and air your concerns there.

Remember only you can help yourself. Look for positives,
the very fact you have posted - shows you want to feel different.

I never understand what you want to say


Yes definitely express your anger… in a tame amd creative way. lift yourself above the animal kingdom. But if that guy needs the boot then use it on him and get somebody to help.

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