I need advice about a job

So i have this opportunity to participate in an interview for a job in IT sector. This company is actually a part of Virgin Pulse company in Boston, USA, and the vacancy is for a costumer support. They say that the only requirement is fluency in english and fast typing…so I may have a chance.
I wonder have any of you had some experience with these kind of jobs, to advice me on which area i should focus regarding english terminology and knowledge. Have you heard about this company maybe?
Im already nervous!


Never heard of them! Best of luck.

Here’s their “about us” page



If you move to Boston you’re gonna be a rival of mine you know???

-New York sports fan :wink:

EDIT: I don’t think youre moving to boston its just based out of boston?


Good luck @Sarad , I love you dearly, may you be happy and healthy and successful
in all your endeavors.

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Nope its the Virgin Pulse branch office here ( had to look for the right word. So much for my english :slight_smile: )
I let you guys know how it goes. I have to write a CV first, then wait for interview. Needless to say i dont know ■■■■ about programing lol

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I guess it could be data entry job. If they need fast typing.

Nothing to lose if you try your best!

Good luck!


No its a customer support.
How im gonna “support” if i dont know anything about the stuff they’re asking? The guy said “you will learn it by the way”.

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Yeah ! I hope it works out :muscle: good luck!!