I need a vacation or something

but don’t know where i would go, havent been to the beach in 7 years. i actually don’t really like the beach, because i don’t swim much. i mean i do like the beach and all the great seafood, and listening to the waves for an hour or so, but i think i should take a hiking trip or something instead. i’ve never been to asheville north carolina, seen some commercials for it. they have hiking and breweries and shopping, its supposed to be nice, my friend loves it there, but i’ve never been there.


i should probably wait until winter and then take a 2 week trip somewhere warm in january or february.

So I grew up in Northern Virginia, and the place we went to yearly for our vacations was a place called Ocean City, Maryland. We’d always stay at the same hotel, a hotel with lots of exotic birds scattered throughout the ground floor, an atrium bar, and a swimming pool. We’d go out on the beach and set up chairs and just chill. Also lots of great seafood restaurants exist there, including a great pizza/pancake place called the Dough Roller. And finally the local Candy Kitchen sold fudge which we always bought. I’d get the marshmallow/chocolate fudge.

I am very pro-beach. I love swimming in the waves near shore and just smelling the air there. I love the feel of sand between my toes. We are planning to go there once we get my brother stabilized after moving back to VA. My mom misses the trips we all used to take together.

I’ve spent some time in North Carolina, they got some good sights to see. I checked out the famous Biltmore mansion and had some fine lemonade there. I really wouldn’t consider hiking a vacation personally, it’s so much work for the body, but different folks like different things.

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I really need a vacation too. I’m from North Carolina.

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Thank you for giving me a heart. I really needed it. :smiley:

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yeah sorry it wasn’t sooner, i got off the computer for a little while and was watching baseball and basketball on tv. but my team is losing the baseball game so i got back on and saw your comment. :+1:

Thank you…151515

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I need a vacation too but Covid is still a reality.

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so far during covid, i’ve been to colorado twice, and natchez, mississippi, i think that’s all but i may be forgetting a trip. i’ve also camped out around the midwest. feel free to call me a covidiot, but i dont let that stop me.

I need a vacation too. I’m bored looking at the same streets and houses everyday.

This summer I am going to Sweden, it’s just around the corner from where I live.

Next winter I hope I am going to La Gomera, one of the canary islands.

Good idea to take a hiking trip. I might do that too. Or a canoe trip in Sweden.

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