I need a vacation now

I need a vacation now. Does anybody need a vacation as well?

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Hells to the yes. Let’s hit Fort Lauderdale, man.


Where do you want to take a vacation?

Canmore, Alberta. I’ve got a condo booked for a week in February. Lots of walking winter trails. We have our own apartment so I can cook our meals and we save a fortune on restaurants.


I’m trying to get 3 weeks off my volunteering this xmas. Just going to stay at home and catch up with family and friends. My idea of a vacation! Trouble with my volunteering is that there’s always something to do and it’s constant over the whole year.

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I am sort of on vacation.

Off work sick until January

Spending my time training my puppy Mason.

Doubt I will go to a foreign country next year now I have him.

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