I need a root canal

Those suckers hurt, but it would hurt more to not get it done.

I need a couple but I called the local dentist that I can afford and they said “we don’t make appointments unless you have diabetes” .

So I guess that means that i’ll have to go in early in the morning and wait in a long line(I hate doing that).

Yeah, long lines suck for anything, whether it’s a concert, a dentist appointment, or it’s someone giving out free money. I hate lines!

i feel for you.
take care :alien:

Dentist seem the most barbaric of all the doctors as well. What the hells wrong with all the dentist’s assistant as well wtf is their problem?

Last wisdom teeth I got out. Went to the chemist to fill the script for pain killers after. The pharmacist looked at the script took one look at me and said. “I feel so sorry for you.”

All the best with it.

I had no pain with a root canal. But I haven’t had to have wisdom teeth pulled. That may be worse