I need a place to vent

so I HAD this friend, (T) I don’t not like her anymore but I don’t associate myself with her because she started using drugs, meth to be exact…
we have a mutual friend © so it would be us 3 always hanging out (as those were my only 2 friends) but T moved away 3 hours with her new boyfriend, and the relationship was built off the drug in the first place, not any sort of love. doesn’t mean it’s not there at all, but it’s not a sincere relationship… well T just took a pregnancy test and it was positive. this is stressful on both C and I but mostly more on C as they were and are closer and still friends. I don’t talk to tori anymore but I still care and am scared for her future. she’s throwing it away… C thinks that she’s not using anymore simply bc T says she’s not. but she lives 3 hours away, and even when she was living here she was tryna say she wasn’t doing it when she clearly was. now C can’t see her all ■■■■■■ up and she just believes that she’s clean when I’m smarter than that. they lived together and C kicked her out bc she wouldn’t choose a place to live over the drug. well C offered her to come back and live with her again. she declined, with a very stupid reason… she has been with her new boyfriend for seriously only like a month. :frowning: I really don’t want to deal with any of this, but being friends with C makes it difficult because she’s still really involved with it all, and we have different opinions on if she’s actually clean or not. (but I’m smarter than that, she over and over has said ‘I can’t just quit’ )

Hell it was hard for me to choose a home over alcohol when those were my only options. It’s the disease. It’s no excuse but understand T is sick…she’s not a bad person for it rather is she just sick. Idk what else advice to give other than “she’s three hours away and it’s her own situation…and C’s own situation too”

Do they have alanon meetings where you live?

I have no idea… I’m sure but not positive. and yeah, I realize that it’s the drug making her act the way she is… but now she’s pregnant. and I don’t know what to do. it almost disgusts me though tbh, I know religion isn’t supposed to be discussed but alls I’m sayin is how is there a god if I get pregnant and have a miscarriage but my methhead friend gets pregnant and what? she’s gonna get herself help? probably not. she’s said it before, she can’t just make herself quit. understandable. but she’s doing nothing to even help herself. when it’s not just about her anymore.

Idk ■■■■ yeah it sucks but it happens every day I think you’re just sensitive to it cuz you’re having it happen to someone you know. Yeah it sucks…I never thought I’d have a friend die til 3 OD’d on heroin in the past year.

I doubt there’s anything I could say to make you feel better it’s just the harsh realities of life. Maybe write a poem or something idk or watch a funny movie to get your mind off it.

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I appreciate your feedback. :slight_smile: I don’t expect answers from anyone, or even suggestions on how to deal with it. like I said, I just was wanting to vent. and I was comfortable doing it here. :slight_smile:

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Oh…i would bet shes still on it …meth is a monster…the relationship was started in the flames of failure…meth love usually burns until theres nothing left…the baby part makes me sad…they are no longer the same people…that drug changes its users into the
Heartless…be careful…

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the most ■■■■■■ up part of it all, and I believe this story 110%, is she was forced to try it… she was in a relationship for 2 years an he was a meth user and she lived with him and his cousin and they both used and she never did. they broke up and she was hanging out with a guy who actually got away with murdering somebody I know. (in self defense, I guess.) and a year prior to him killing Anthony, he shot somebody else! and he is still walking the streets to this day!! and if he would have been in prison for killing Anthony, he couldn’t have possibly ever held T down and forced her to do it!!! I hate this all so much

I knew a girl…who met a boy…they fell in love with meth and in turn each other…she had a baby…thank god she was smart enough not to use while pregnant…lost touch…several years later…i read the paper…this girl was arrested…they were making meth…they found her kid alone in a locked room 30 pounds under weight…all their meth they had been putting into a large python…the meth snake escaped with several thosand dollars worth of meth in its belly…wtf…wtf did i read…that seems like a horrible joke…this is what it does…and the kids suffer…

I’m telling you right now, if I find out she’s using while pregnant I’m calling the cops on her.

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She needs rehab…but those drugs are just as bad if not worse…its like fixing the snake problem in your back yard by releasing a tiger…

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