I need a hobby

I want to pick up a new hobby to put my time to better use. Anyone have a suggestion for a good hobby? I’m looking for something that a) doesn’t require much intelligence or talent, as I have cognitive deficits, b) isn’t costly, c) can be done at home without going out to places or interacting with other people, and d) doesn’t require a lot of energy, as I have avolition.

I’m thinking of something like knitting. Anyone have other ideas?


There are people you can hook up with - to knit simple hats for people who need hats in winter. I think they provide you with the yarn. Do you know how to knit? It takes a little learning. I think they would teach you how. Some of them have groups you can go to at Michaels, etc.

Computer games? I’m not good at them but enjoy them all the same.

When I was first diagnosed I started watching all the imdb top 250 list! http://www.imdb.com/chart/top At the rate of a few films a day!

Knitting sounds cool. I thought about doing it too. Crochet and macrame are also similar.

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Oh - I just read “do at home” They would let you do that.

I would say playing Yoga at home following a vedio guide. I am just doing this recently. I downloaded 3 vedio clips from the Chinese YouTube–Youku. They are complete guides for a Youga class, usually last for one hour. I play the vedio on a laptop while standing on a mat and following the guide. Playing Youga refreshs my body and mind. I felt happier after playing it for one hour.

I guess there are vedio clips on complete Youga guide on YouTube. Remember, you need a beginner level Youga guide. The advanced Youga exercise is too hard for you. But the beginner level is good enough for you.

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I’m teaching myself animation.

Anime studio pro is a fair priced software

Trying new recipes if you like cooking. You have to buy food anyways, right? Might as well waste a bit of time and make something new.

Learning to draw.

If you do the knitting or crochet thing NICUs can always use hats for preemies. Small and simple project.

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I like counted cross stitch. But you do have to count the little tiny squares and pay attention to the chart to follow the pattern. The one I’m working on has taken me 2 years on and off. So not as quick an outcome as knitting.

Picsart is a fun photo ap and it’s free.

Thanks for the suggestions!