I need a girl who

Cleans and does laundry

I don’t ask for anything else

But I SUCK at laundry and cleaning. I will do all the cooking! As I’m a pretty good cook and enjoy it.

Some guys want a woman who cooks, cleans and does laundry. But save the cooking, I’m easy. :wink:

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I don’t even know what kind of girl I need. I quite literally don’t care about looks whatsoever. I guess one that will pick apart movies and tv shows with me and we can ruin them together :nerd_face: :joy:

'I need a women who won’t drive me crazy. Someone to thrill me and than go away.

I need a person that can support my struggles and arts. Who just loves the essence of me the good bad and sarcastic. Also foot scratches. Ill do anything if they scratch my feet on occasion.

Have you considered trying to date a woman from a country such as the Philippines or Ukraine? I think a lot of women from 2nd world countries are more likely to be “old fashioned house wives” that it sounds like you’re looking for.

Personally I would prefer a career oriented woman. An intelligent, independent philosopher queen! Let servants do the cooking and cleaning! :smiley:

My cousin married a Vietnamese girl

I’m half joking but yeah I’d consider a girl from another country.

Not sure what else to say to your post lol without sounding like a tool

“Lookin’ for a lover who won’t blow my cover,
She’s sooooooooo hard to find.”

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Great song as well

It was my status on AIM for a while

that line you just posted

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