I need a break

I went directly from my spring semester into summer semester taking a class and then after that class and my big move I jumped right into work. The work is incredibly fast paced and requires a ton of focus and effort on my part, it’s not just a job I can go to zone out and be done with. It is a stressful job. And now I have even more classes that are all accelerated on top of work. And a million appointments with various mental and physical healthcare professionals and other things I need to get set up for the move. I need, I DESERVE a break. Literally even 2 weeks of nothing would be a great relief to me.

They signed me up for even more training because they didn’t feel I was ready to start my class so now I’m just swamped. And depakote is sedating me just like freaking geodon did. So I don’t know what to do. I am getting so burnt out.


hey. Take the break.

Get the meds right first. It’s keeping the symptoms low enough to get the best possible function. After you get stable enough then you can approach your doc and work on dialing it in a bit.

Stress is the killer. Stress makes symptoms worse. It makes life way harder for the schizophrenic. From what I see you don’t seem stable. Not a good place to make calls on futures.

Uni will wait. Jobs have sick days. Get yourself going first with the meds and that means at least 6 weeks on drug and doseage!