I need a blender to make margaritas....been too long

I keep listening to “margaritaville” by jimmy buffett and wish I had a frozen concoction to help me hang on…haha that’s a lyric I fitted in…anyways…I don’t have a blender and I am tired of drinking margaritas on the rocks…who likes margaritas??


I used to work for a surgeon who loved this song,

He’d play it all the time,

Drove everyone else in the OR absolutely insane.

You’d be surprised the amount of patients that woke up with this song stuck in their head…

It was weird!



perfect picture !! I prefer strawberry margaritas though…haha


now you’re talking !!

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Cheers! :slight_smile: @jukebox

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Yeah my favourite cocktail. Salt on the lip and It’s away. I actually bought a blender just to have frozen margharita’s!! haha true story.

Got a hankering for them in New Orleans. We’d get them through the drive through at Popeye’s chicken and you could buy them by the gallon. I miss America! haha.

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