I need a big favor pls-help me to choose some hairstyle with photos :)

I am still here ladies and guys :slight_smile:
can you do this favor to me some of you please? here I am on the photo and everybody around except my mom is saying me to let grow my hair. but I dont know what hairstyle to choose. I have already this plumpy sad face gosh…
and if you can post some pictures with eventual hairstyles for me? ill take your opinions wow :slight_smile:


Shave the sides and Mohawk color blue

yeah… heh :slight_smile: seriously, i wanna to be a way less visible in the streets

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Your a super hero but I understand I tried…

I think you have a rectangular face so I say you would good in the pic on the bottom right


and this one? still too short for me?


That’d look great on you! And your going to be in an awkward state length for awhile anyways so that’d take care of it, and it wouldn’t be such a dramatic change, but still change enough where people would notice!

but with the bangs more sideswept…

ok, thank you itsme. i am still not convinced that the short is for me. only my mom says that with long hair ill be like a fat witch wow :confused: .
otherwise, i lack the depth and this something in my eyes for whom someone can fall in love with me. my ex told me that i watch to others like a stupid cow. yeah… i was thinking only about him at the time, he had enough i guess.
and after reading ‘‘Women’’ of Bukowski now i know what life is for some men, wow. do you know this book? i liked it :slight_smile: for Bukowski there is also sex in life yeah. but i know, i know, there is life also, the pleasure of it and mostly, our souls in our eyes. but gosh, i am so retarded in this life with my 15 years of inactivity and desperation…
hey, the girls, give me some photos with hairstyles or you sleep all? kisses

you do realize that there are plenty of men that love Big women. [quote=“Anna1, post:9, topic:55119”]
hey, the girls, give me some photos with hairstyles or you sleep all?

I am woman…

oh, sorry mj, didn’t know… yes maybe. one of my problems is that i still dont love myself. ive denigrated myself for years so my brain is now ■■■■■■ up…

Don’t listen to what others say, its your body, and you have to live with your style not anyone else. I’m a girl with really short hair like super short and its how I like it even though my parents would prefer it long… But it makes me feel like me, it express who I am on the inside and not just to attract others, that’s what you need to do, express yourself for yourself…
And when you look in your eyes, do you see depth, cause when I looked at that pic I saw a girl who is lonely but strong, and a little mischievious, could be crazy though…

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yes I think any woman is sexy with self confidence. Try to work on that. You are by no means ugly. You have beautiful lips that I would kill for, and very nice eyes. So I think it is more just needing to have confidence. Men are attracted to confidence more than anything.


maybe grow it to medium length and have it layered and add a bit of blonde highlights…

I am a man and short and fat. I want to grow my hair out. I say whatever you’re comfortable with, long or short should be up to you…I think you would look pretty with long hair…

i think u r pretty.u have a very big eyes.if u come to asia.u will find how different we are
our race in general is ugly.but it not always very important.i think people kind and smart is more important than appearance

Maybe layer or uneven bob

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If you’re comfortable with short hair, just grow it out enough to soften the look. And I like the idea of blonde highlights for you.


I think @Hedgehog has the right idea, and I really like the picture you posted, too, @Anna1. Your hair seems to already have a bit of a wave to it, so a short messy bob with some blonde highlights to emphasize the texture would look great on you.


You could also try asking a stylist and hair dresser that you trust and feel comfortable with.

Ive walked in to hair dressers and said to them “do what ever you want” “i want a big change”.
Still ive not personally been happy with going to hair dressers for me that is but ive seen other people look n feel great after a visit.

If you want variation with the do you have now n want to work with that you could use hair clips, gel, spray, curlers , colour etc

I have really fine hair but when i leave in a braid it gives a nice curliness and adds more volume.

Is it your natural hair colour in the picture?