I need 10+ hours of sleep to be rested

This is something I’m realizing from filling out a sleep quality log. On the days I got 10 or more hours I generally described my sleep quality as good and that I felt rested. In opposition on the days I got 8 hours I generally describe my sleep as poor and that I don’t feel rested. I feel that’s because my sleep quality is so bad naturally. It takes me ages to actually fall asleep and I wake up multiple times. So when I get the bare minimum of required sleep, 8 hours, I’m not really getting 8 hours, I’m losing a bunch of that. 10 hours makes up for all the lost time. Anyways I guess I just have to try to get to bed earlier.


I take night meds to help me stay asleep but still wake up too once in awhile. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and I wear an air mask to help me get better sleep. Maybe you should have a sleep study done to see if you have sleep apnea?


I have had a study done before and they confirmed I don’t have sleep apnea. However since it was a home study and not at the sleep center, it pretty much only tested for sleep apnea and nothing else. So if I have other sleep issues I wouldn’t know.

I also used to be on sleep meds but found them to be pushing me down a slippery slope as I kept becoming tolerant to them and I would have just been infinitely raising my doses of everything.

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Do you drink coffee or soda?

I think I need about 9 hours of sleep a night.

Sometimes. Usually if I do I only have like 1 cup, and I don’t drink it at night.

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I need 10 hrs several time’s a week. I’ve just accepted it as part of my sz . I never used to sleep that much. When I first got sick it was more like 12 plus every day

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Apparently 80% or more of those w sz have sleeping disorders or sleep issues as well

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Mines always been 9hr. Some say 8. I think they catch up on the weekends though. I probably do too. Frankly my sleeping patterns do suck. Sleep hygiene the latest science/ phycology in it. Which also covers things like seeing a sleep clinic and sleep meds. I need to see a sleep clinic as with most things it comes down to money.

Sleep well. Dream of bunnies and knights in shining armor.

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