I must occupy myself or else


or else im miserable. working out, gardening, study, music, baseball. it’s all to distract myself from my lonely nights. winter is rough, I have nothing to do. my day only takes like 3 hours then I’ve nothing to do the rest of the day.


Keeping busy going out is the way
I try to get out as much as can but sometimes like you I run out things to do
I am volunteering so I am looking for more volunteer work


I feel the same way. I like work because it gives me purpose. Nothing worse than being left with nothing to do.

I am off this week and so far I have done stuff. I was lazy today, but I needed some rest so that’s fine.

What do you study?


Finding a way to spend the day is the hardest thing I do. I have a routine, but things get old nothing seems interesting and the quest continues. All the best


I just bought a couple of introductory horticulture textbooks, that’s my new study. I hope to go back to school to get some sort of horticulture degree. id like to work at a community park, or garden supply store, or greenhouse/nursery. i like to be outside.

I also do all my spring garden planning in the winter, but that doesn’t take very long.


I’d be surprised if you can’t get those jobs without a degree


Ah cool. I was a Landscaper for about 8 years and really enjoyed it. I wish I had known more about plants and stuff, but I mainly did Hard Landscaping.

I do miss being outside. Sounds like a really good thing to be aiming for. Wish you luck in it!


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