I mistook her for nice

I was in the evaluation room back in the eighties. The evaluation room at the hospital is where they put you in a crisis. They interview you and observe you to determine if you needed to go to the hospital or just need a place to stay for 24 hours. There was never more than 9 patients in there.

There’s nothing to do in there but watch TV and eat crackers. While I was in there they admitted this women. She was Latina and was attractive in a hard kind of way. But she was wearing these tight blue jeans and she filled them up nice.

I kept checking her out because she looked so good. I thought I was being sneaky and inconspicuous but then she turned around and said to me, " If you don’t quit looking at me I’m going to punch you in your fat nose".
Well, have you ever heard the term 'humble pie"? I ate some humble pie.


Good story telling, Nick!

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That is a good story @77nick77, sorry she threatened you though


Another good story, it’s becoming one of my favorite moments of the morning, reading your stories.

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Ha, ha, thanks Minnii.

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I’ve been in that evaluation room before. These days the word “nice” has different connotations than it used to when applied to women, and I’m glad of it.

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