I miss when

I miss when I was in my early 20’s, long before the diagnosis. I remember waking up feeling refreshed, stoked for life and excited for the day. I really enjoyed listening to music and playing video games, I got so much joy out of activites like that.

It isn’t quite like that now, but I just guess I have to accept that and make the best out of it.


Just having the memory is a great gift. I have a lot of memories that sustain me.


My 20’s had some good times. I wish I could go back and pick some of that back up. They also had some bad times, though. They were times I would not want to go through again. Sheer misery.

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Currently half way thru my twenties. I don’t mind it. First couple years (except 21) I was quite badly effect by psychosis but I don’t mind it anymore. I’m just happy I got away from certain places, activities and times.

I miss a period in my 20’s when I could enthusiastically read a biography of Henry James, and enthusiastically read Henry James’ books. If I tried that now it would bore me severely.

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i don’t miss my old life so much as it had a lot of bad things too… it was easier before psychosis in some ways but a lot of bad things happened to me too and i still have traumas of it so i don’t long so much for the past myself.

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I miss having friends and having everything feel new and exciting, I used to love music, pot, movies and partying now I just feel like an old man


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