I miss washington a lot :(

Even though I wouldn’t wanna live there, cuz there’s nothing like home, I think Washington is my favorite state in the world!!! There were a lot of things holding me back when I lived in Washington for 3 months. First of all, I didn’t have no car, second of all it was the worst season for weather, and other reasons too… But I’d like to go back to Washington multiple times in my life in the future… Would never wanna live there cuz there aint no place like home but I really plan on going back there no matter what.

If I were a famous musician, I know most the musicians make a lot of their money on going on tour, but if that were me, I would never get on tour. But I would visit Washington cuz its my favorite state. I would perform live in local venues but I hate traveling too much I would never go ON TOUR. Maybe I’d perform in Washington…because that’s a place id like to go back to. But I would rather just go there, rent a car, and stay there for 3 weeks, Then fly home!!! Then actually have a concert. I wanna be a musician but don’t want all the ■■■■ that goes with it. I have too much anxiety to “go on tour”…if I ever reach that

I also would like to smoke a blunt at the spot I used to smoke joints in hehehehehehe. #legalnice

I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest. I reallllly want to go. I think I’d like it a lot. Hope you get to visit WA soon.

I feel the same way about Detroit. I lived there briefly and thought it was my new home but circumstances made me move. I loved it there.