I miss summer - pictures from last summer

I miss the roe deer stealing parsley in my allotment (summer cabin). I miss growing tomatoes, basil and other herbs.

I miss the abundance of flowers. The birds, and especially the butterflies.

Sad today. Damn the winter, let’s welcome the coming of spring.


Where I live, its pretty infested with deer. I’m pretty sure that the municipal government told people they can shoot them in town with bow and arrow a few years back. They are, however, pretty darn good looking. They’re kind of stupid, though, because they just run out into the road and then decide not to halfway through, so they turn back when the cars starts to move again.


Well, the good news is we’re closer to the beginning of the summer than the end. :smiley:


nice deer, i have deer too in my area. i almost hit one with my moms car lol. its scared the crap out of me.

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I know, they are a the most charming, beautiful and stupid pests around, also in my hood.

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