I miss mania

I wish I could feel invincible again like when I was 21 I felt amazing idk I know it’s a bad thing I ended up running outside with no coat no shoes and a t shirt and shorts so it wasn’t exactly perfect I just feel like I wanna feel important maybe getting a volunteer job will help I’m currently working on it

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I hope this is allowed I just feel like I wanna feel like I have a reason to be alive I’m not suicidal or anything I just wanna feel important

Perhaps you just miss youth?

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Maybe idk I just wanna feel happier and more excited I felt embarrassed after that manic episode and there’s still some stuff that makes me cringe it’s so bad I just wish I had hope for a better future my therapist thinks volunteering will help this

Volunteering is still a great idea, i’m sure it could help


I was gonna do archery tomorrow but my glasses are in my dads car and it’s in the garage getting fixed

I just feel so unimportant to the world

I’ve said it a lot before but Prozac was the best feeling I ever had but I ended up doing even more stupid ■■■■ like I was hearing voices and vandalized a school bathroom like a ■■■■■■ idk I’m having a bad dau

Prozac gave me a good vibe at first too. But then i kept having days where i’d pass out into sleep for hours and hours on end. I decided to recently stop using it because of this.

I’m just gonna try to get a mod the more I talk the more pissed off people get


Your the only one who I’ve seen online I hate causing trouble I joke sometimes about breaking rules but I’m a goodie tooshoe other than I’ve done some stupid ■■■■ in my life

Did you want me to close this thread? I dont see a reason to close it but wasnt sure if you wanted me to or not

I am currently on a manic high. It’s not way high but I feel higher than normal which is depressed and that’s why I like mania but in the end it gets you.


Might aswell I’m having a bad day and saying too honest stuff it’s how I feel I don’t wanna cause problems

I give it less than 3 months before i get banned or significantly timed out

I would definitely recommend trying a volunteer job if that’s something you’re interested in.

As long as I’m not breaking any rules I just wanted to make sure

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You seem to worry alot about being banned. As long as you stay within the forum guidelines, you should be fine.

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Yeah my last major manic episode was in the year of 2020 I was taking my meds and idk wtf happened to cause it It lasted a few months and I ended up crashing and going to the hospital and getting put on haldol now I’m never manic

I just went over the rules I check everyday nowadays I really do

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By the way, I just checked your profile and you’ve only been suspended once when you requested a suspension so you could take a break from the forum. And that doesn’t count!

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