I miss Cleo and Bella so much

I love my new place and appreciate the lack of animal hair but I miss my cuddles so much! They are both doing well and are happy so I’m thankful for that but I really miss them. Makes my heart hurt.


You should get a cat pillow. Then you can cuddle it any time.


I’m so sorry. Idk what I would do without my furbaby.

Maybe buy a stuffed animal that reminds you of each of them and sleep with them at night.


I’m so sorry you can’t have your fur babies. I don’t know what I’ll do without my little Wolfie in the future.

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i really miss my late kitty cat too… still feels like i am gonna see her walking around any time but then i realise she’s not here anymore… well, i like to believe part of her is still protecting me but physically she not here anymore.


I understand…I lost my yorkie in the divorce and it still hurts…


I still miss my last dog.
He was adopted by a nice couple.

It hurts.


The people who have Cleo just sent a picture of her and a video of her play fighting with the cat. So sweet! I’m so glad she’s loved by her new family. And that they have a cat. She loves cats!

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