I miss a friend

Eventhough I have 2 friends now. I felt closer to the friend I lost in 2019. I was switching from Abilify to Latuda and had some anger issues and positive symptoms. I thought he was faking our friendship and that he was taking advantage of me etc but all that wasn’t true. I ended up insulting him and telling him that his father told me that he hates him etc I told him that he will never have true friends or a gf and that no one likes him not even his parents.

He told me he was surprised of what I said then he called me a stupid schizophrenic and he blocked me everywhere. Do you think I can be his friend again?

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But honestly I miss my presz friends the most.

I feel horrible now about what I said to him. I miss the good times we had, cinema, gym, restaurants, bars, shopping, etc

I honestly don’t know Aziz. Maybe if you give him enough time and contact him and apologize and explain why you did it, maybe he will forgive you. Then again, maybe not.

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I even called him a pssy because he’s too shy and doesn’t know how to talk to girls.

He blocked me everywhere, phone number, social media, etc Its been since summer 2019.

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Do you have his address? What about a good old fashioned apology letter?

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Yea but I am afraid he’s still mad at me. He has social anxiety disorder and take ADs.

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Sending an apology letter isn’t going to kill you and he might forgive you. What’s the worst that could happen? He doesn’t respond? I guess worst case he could send you a nasty letter back or something but oh well.


I also had a friend I made in my early days of schizophrenia, he use to always hang with me… but fast forward to the future, I use to think he was part of a conspiracy against me; but looking back, he was the closest thing to a best friend I had. You should tell that friend of yours that you were suffering from a common schizophrenic symptom that makes us have a tendency to think those closest to us are against us.

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