I might win an award

I am too sick to collect it, but it got shortlisted. I could win gold or silver. It’s for a data piece of work I did at work.

We have a good chance of winning. If I do win I will post a photo with the trophy.

I wish I was better so I could attend the ceremony.


Well done you. I still get the odd cricket award at our end of season get togethers! I’m proud to accept them. I still try hard every week and it’s nice to be recognized. It really is.

Congratulations on a good effort anyways matey!


Well I hope you’re feeling better soon. I think you must’ve done something pretty nice if you’re being honored.


That’s awesome! Good luck!


Wow. That’s a great achievement . Well done @Joker

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We won a bronze certificate for the yearly data awards!

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