I might lose my license and my job

If there pdoc I spoke to gets his way, I won’t be allowed to drive

This is a huge problem for me if this goes south

I really need to get some treatment, but unfortunately I am so scared I will lose my ability to earn money by using my license

Before I lost it for two years. If this happened again it would kill me off. I am totally reliant on my drivers license.

I need a new van, but I cannot get one as I have no idea what will happen

They review my license once a year, and I need the doctor on my side

This is so ■■■■■■ up

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I might need to act on this. I will burn down the clinic if they do this to me

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How’s your driving record? If this doc decides you can’t drive can you go over his head to someone who would vouch for your good driving ability?

I know you’re upset but don’t do anything that will get you in trouble. It’s OK to blow off steam here but don’t threaten anyone IRL.


Thanks Nick. I will try not to do anything stupid.

Literally I am so angry about this right now.

My driving record I have had 1 ticket for speeding in the last 10 years, and my insurance has 12 years with no claim bonus attached.

How dare this person call this into question

My van is too small, and I was close to replacing it.

Now this is so uncertain, I cannot justify spending any money on my business, as if I lose my license, I will need the money to live until I get it back


IDK. If this doctor causes you to lose your license, do you have any options like appealing his decision?
Maybe even go to court if he causes you to lose your license?

I mean your driving record speaks for itself, that’s a darn good record. Maybe a judge would sympathize with your case because you are a hard working, dependable member of society pulling your own weight.

And to have someone taking away your livelihood and your ability to earn a living and support yourself, it seems anyone would see, including a judge, well, that just ain’t right.

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I agree this doctor wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, but these things take months for them to sort out if they take it away

The process is not fast at all, and that was pre-Covid-19

You need treament and I’d take that option and see how things go. I know your system is different and my psydoc wouldn’t do anything but support me. Doesn’t help you but approach them and tell them what the problem is. It’s horrible to me that you even could lose your licence simply for getting treament. I’m sure that is legally not kosher over here even and we are a weird legal society…Get the help first then see how things lie!


I need someone to explain to me how we have freedom of choice when it comes to treatment here, but then if you deviate they can do this to you

They’re the ones who’re morally corrupted and mentally ill


That’s fcked up that he could take away your license @Joker , I think nick is right, you need the license for your livelihood any judge could see that.

I also sympathise with your thoughts of burning down the clinic if he does this to you, I have thought the same thing about my good brother, if he was to support my bad brothers decision to contest the will and be on his side I thought of burning down his house. I know that anger and not wanting to let them off with it, to teach them a lesson but it’s your own actions that would be remembered not what the pdoc did.

Your a hard working guy no way they’ll do this to you


Use your driving record as proof that you can drive. Find a new doctor that is more supportive.

I had a doctor try to take away my keys once. I told her no so she had me committed against my will. I didn’t find out until years later when I got my hospital records that she told the hospital I was hearing voices telling me to rape someone.

Tell me that ain’t messed up. Now I have that on my record.

Nothing good will come from a controlling doctor. Some doctors are power hungry and they don’t like you questioning their authority. They think because they’re the doctor they have the final say.

Seriously get a new doctor. When you meet a new doctor tell them your situation and ask them if they’d be supportive of you making your own decisions.

As long as you don’t threaten violence or suicide they should let you make your own decisions or at the very least have a say so it’s your life. You’re working and trying to make the best of your situation.

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Good for you having a major MI and choosing not only to work, but to run your own business! That’s truly amazing and should be encouraged by a judge.


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