I might look at a attractive woman tomorrow

i might look at a attractive woman tomorrow


Will you have a date?


maybe maybe…its all about energy…


Energy may have a lot to do with attraction.:blush:

I saw a man at a party I was attracted to and I think it was mutual because our eyes met n had contact and my eyes do not usually connect with other eyes.
They just don’t.
He had brown eyes in my memory.
I do not know if he is single but he may be young n want children n I can not have and I have a boyfriend and want to be faithful and like wise.

I saw a picture of a man on computer of files I felt attracted to.
But that was through media.

I was worried a bit my bf n his friend have sexual chemistry n that his friend is jealous of me.
But chose to trust him.

Maybe you will connect with someone and have mutual attraction.

Enjoy spending time with someone.

I wish you well and happiness.

Good luck @san_pedro! :wink: