I might have to say goodbye again- graduate school second chance

Things are going better, I found a new apartment complex full of young professionals, and I got in the books for when it is finished (it is under construction) to live there for my master’s in counseling. My meds have been changed, and the wellbutrin twice a day with rexulti is really making me feel like I am not being tortured every moment. I am sleeping well, exercising (got a gym membership again), and not just sitting here brooding like I have been for so long.

The wellbutrin augments the rexulti, I have less symptoms today. Lately, I have had about 7 med changes in the last month, so my brain has been through hell, that and the xanax withdrawals from 4mg to 0.25 in three months. I nearly killed myself, it was unimaginable pain, and I was convinced that I had died and gone to hell.

I met with the psychologist today, and the verdict on the team of healthcare provider’s evaluations is that I have met the criteria for every mental disorder, the major ones, and that no one knows what I have or what to call it. Well, that is the point of clinical psychology, to ask what is wrong, while rehab psychology and counseling psychology is about just carrying on and living healthily. I chose the rehab counseling MS because I want to live my life and not agonize over what is wrong. Too late about that accelerated bachelors in clinical psychology. It was a good education.

Well, I might have to hang it up here again, it is off to graduate school with the meds cleared up.

To be clear, I am doing the MS and I will be on track to continue in either rehab psychology or counseling psychology into a PhD, in fact I already contacted both programs, and they said to just do the MS and then to apply- I understand that Summa Cum Laude, Chi Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, and a thesis done (I have done all of this) with an accelerated bachelors in clinical and then also a masters in counseling is extremely competitive, so I did my shopping for a nice place to live, a nice gym to workout in, etc- I am back to normal, and I am here to stay this time. I have not performed as well on Rexulti as I have in my entire life, and the wellbutrin is somehow containing my psychosis better as an adjunct, which my doctors have noticed. I will most likely be off on the path to Dr. Quack, aka Mouse, as soon as this summer is over and school starts back.

Part of the deal with being in healthcare is that I will have to delete this account at some point and leave no traces. It may be sooner than later, so I will have to bid Godspeed and farewell, and since this is Valentine’s day, love for people who are also in the struggle.


Wish you the best mouse or quack.

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Take care of yourself Mortimer - @AmateurUnlicensedQuack.
I wish you only the Best in whichever path you decide to take.

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i hope life treats you well, it is a shame that you have to leave us but if it means you can succeed and progress through life on your journey then maybe this is one sacrifice that you have to make, take care.

Good luck and I hope you succeed

Happy Vday mousey! :heart_eyes:

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I wish you the very best of luck. You’re obviously a very hard worker and a very special person. Here’s to dreams coming true :heart:

Wow really unspeakable @mortermouse

Hopefully things fall in place in the up coming days

Have a great day today😝

Good luck @AmateurUnlicensedQuack. Sounds like you have a solid plan for the future. So many med changes in such a small time period is rough. Give yourself some time to adjust and settle into it. I can’t believe you went from 4mg to just 0.25 xanax in just 3 months. I went from 1mg to 0.75mg and had side effects very soon after.

Ah is that why you never find doctors or other health professionals online? I always wondered about that. You have to?

We can’t actually delete accounts on this website, we can just anonymize them. That means your posts will still be on this forum.


All the very best to you mouse

Well I will need any pics of me gone

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Yeah, especially psychologists and therapists- political field- in all honesty, the whole journey of becoming a psi of any sort is political.

That can be arranged. Just find them and flag them, then we will take care of it. :slight_smile:


I’ve found drs and therapists on faacebook linkedin, and instagram.
No reason you can’t have a schizophrenia blog spot whilst working towards your degree

Ugh I don’t want to give up going online, I’ve gotten a huge amount of support that way. Can you still go online so long as you like don’t give professional advice or anything like that?

@AmateurUnlicensedQuack You will be missed. Best of luck! :sunny:

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Not really- it is sort of like we just have to not have anything personal for everyone to see. Psi is the worst about it. Since you’re pursuing nursing, you’re probably fine- just clear everything that can be linked to you before finishing NP practicum.

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This is really inspirational as I hope to get a higher degree and eventually a higher paying job one day as well. You seem like a hard worker so I think you can do it. Hope things go your way and you will be working as a great counselor one day. :slight_smile:

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