I might go to the pub for O’douls

The global concerns are making me feel like talking… the weather too is really nice.

I think I’m gonna go. Just charging my phone now.

This worked out actually, I had a lot of conversation and traded business cards with another patron. This is the first time in a year where I was even able to hand one out in an interpersonal situation.

it is what it is bro.

The biggest mistake I identify was being frugal in a big chunk of my past.

I’ve jettisoned that stuff and real life is going easier on me.

People think I’m taking, but truthfully I think I’m giving.

And really it was you who posted about being ‘poor’ and having navy beans and cornbread, and saying it’s not so bad.

(I’ve never had a navy bean.)

I’m laying things on thick, but frankly maybe nobody cares enough.

Still I can’t believe you broke character for the likes of me. Guess I really messed up.

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