I might get my university acceptance revoked

For a joke … I can feel myself riling up… I don’t want to have another episode … it was a joke…

Sending a meme in a group chat might ruin my life… it was just a meme…

Some memes can be really bad and hurtful. I don’t know what you shared, and I would advise you not to share it again, but if it was racist or promoting violence or something, that’s just not okay.

It wasn’t racist … it was about spongebob…

I really want to die now

Why do you think you could be revoked for it? Were you told this?

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Any chance you can post the meme? I’m morbidly curious now.

Hope you’re ok though.

I caution you not to post the meme on here, if it is already causing problems in your life.

Yes they emailed me saying I need to apologize

It was a quote from a religious extremist guy who was like “spongebob can cook burgers underwater. How did he aqquire such a skill? Through jihad”

Wow that’s crazy. Everything is very PC nowadays, especially on college campuses. Never post anything even mildly controversial under your real name.

I hope everything goes well for you :disappointed:

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In your response, try to convey that you understand how serious this was, and you will be careful to conduct yourself in a more professional manner online in the future. Colleges have had to start cracking down hard on extremist jokes, due to a lot of negative press. Maybe they are cracking down a bit too hard, but you can’t tell them you think it’s just a stupid joke. You have to let them know you are taking their concerns very seriously, that this was a learning moment for you, and you won’t do something like that in the future.

Try not to talk about freedom of speech. As someone who hears that argument daily, it’s annoying and exhausting. Freedom of speech protects you from being punished by the government, not private institutions.


I don’t get it, but it doesn’t sound like something you should get in trouble for.

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First, it’s ridiculous that they are reacting so strongly to this. Second, do what Ninjastar says.

I really hope it works out.


Thirding ninjastar. You have to be careful about what you post online and especially to specific groups. Just conduct yourself professionally from here on out and think about what you’re posting and if it could be offensive, avoid posting it.


I replied and said this :

I am writing in response to the email sent to me regarding the group chat I was a member of for (NAME) Social Science. I would like to scincerely apologize for my participation in this chats, as I know that this behaviour is the furthest thing from inclusive and the type of environment (NAME) strives to create. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I know what it is like to feel marginalized amongst the majority and I scincerely apologize if the actions of myself or the group I affiliated with contributed to the marginalization of others.

I completely agree that the jokes said in those chats were inappropriate and I will never repeat this sort of behaviour again. I should have known better, and will strive to uphold the level of inclusivity and appropriate behaviour set forth by (NAME) University.

I have made a mistake in participating in these chats, and a mistake against people in the community. I hope you can accept my apology and explaination.



Now we wait :frowning: I took my med so hopefully I won’t have a breakdown. I’m very very nervous about this

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That’s super classy. If I received this apology, I would be very impressed without the person who sent it.


Thank you… :heart:️ I really apologize for posting this here but I didn’t know where else to turn :frowning:

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This was an appropriate place to post your concern about school. No apology necessary here :slightly_smiling_face:

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